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SpiceJet is an Indian low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon, India
It is the fourth largest airline in India by number of passengers carried, with market share of 13
2% as of January 2016
The airline operates 293 daily flights to 40 destinations, including 34 Indian and 6 international destinations with a fleet of Boeing 737 and Bombardier Dash aircraft
The origins of Spicejet can be tracked back to March 1984 when the company was established by Indian industrialist S K Modi to provide private air taxi services
[4] On 17 February 1993, the company was named as MG Express and entered into technical partnership with the German flag carrier Lufthansa
The airline provided passenger and cargo services under the name of Modiluft before ceasing operations in 1996
In 2004, the company was acquired by Ajay Singh and the airline planned to restart operations as SpiceJet following the low-cost model
[4] SpiceJet leased two Boeing 737-800 aircraft in 2005 and planned to order 10 new aircraft for expansion
[5] SpiceJet opened bookings on 18 May 2005 and the first flight was operated between Delhi and Mumbai on 24 May 2005
[6] By July 2008, it was India’s third-largest low-cost carrier in terms of market share after Air Deccan and IndiGo
[7] Indian media baron Kalanidhi Maran acquired 37
7% stake in SpiceJet in June 2010 through Sun Group
[8][9] The airline ordered 30 Boeing 737-8 aircraft worth US$2
7 billion July 2010 and a further 15 Bombardier Q4 Dash short-haul aircraft worth US$446 million in December 2010
In 2012, SpiceJet suffered from a loss of over ₹390 million (US$5
8 million) owing to increase in global crude prices
[11] On 9 January 2012, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, reported that several airlines in India, including SpiceJet, have not maintained crucial data for the flight operations quality assurance
[12] The Bombay Stock Exchange announced that ever since June 2011, SpiceJet had been suffering losses
[13] In 2012, Kalanithi Maran increased his stake in the airline by investing ₹1 billion (US$15 million) in the airline
[14] The airline returned to profits at the end of the same year
[15] In 2013, SpiceJet entered into an inter airline pact with Tigerair on 16 December 2013 which was later scrapped in January 2015
In July 2014, SpiceJet announced up to 50 percent discount in air fares due to competition
[17] In August 2014, SpiceJet became the second largest carrier in in terms of passenger market share after IndiGo, beating full service carrier Jet Airways for the first time in its operational history
[18] In December 2014, financial losses and unpaid dues led to cancellation of many domestic flights
[19] Directorate General of Civil Aviation issued a warning to the airline over non-payment of salaries and dues and the airport operators moved to put the carrier on cash-and-carry mode, meaning the airline can use the facilities of an airport only upon immediate payment
[20] On 17 December 17 2014, all flights were grounded after oil companies refused to refuel its planes due to non-payment of dues with flights resuming the next day
[21] Flights resumed the next day
[22] In January 2015, the Sun group sold its entire shareholding and transferred control to the airline’s founder Ajay Singh
In 2015, SpiceJet’s operations experienced a significant turn around with 93 percent of available seats on flights being filled and only 0
13 percent of scheduled flights canceled each month
The airline became profitable in the first three consecutive quarters of the year 2015, in contrast to the previous five quarters when it suffered losses
[24] As of January 2016, it was the fourth largest airline in India in terms of passengers carried with a 13
2 percent market share
SpiceJet is headquartered in Gurgaon, India
[3] Ajay Singh serves as the Managing Director of the airline
The airline’s logo consists of 15 dots arranged in three rows of five each with reducing sizes on a red background
In June 2015, the airline unveiled its current logo with a new tagline Red
[27] SpiceJet names all its aircraft with a name of an Indian spice
As of March 2016, SpiceJet operates 293 flights daily to 34 Indian and six international destinations
[29] After completing 5 years of flying, SpiceJet was allowed to commence international flights by Directorate General of Civil Aviation on 7 September 2010
SpiceJet launched flights from Delhi to Kathmandu and Chennai to Colombo and the first international flight took off on 7 October 2010 from Delhi
[30] In April 2011, SpiceJet announced that Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad as the primary base for its new fleet of Bombardier Q400 aircraft
As of March 2016, the airline operates the following aircraft:[32]
SpiceJet leased two Boeing 737-800 aircraft in 2005 when it began operations and later inducted new Boeing 737 aircraft into its fleet
[5] In February 2012, SpiceJet announced that it would take the delivery of ten more aircraft during the year, of which seven would be the Bombardier Q400
The airline placed its first firm order for 20 Next-Generation Boeing 737-800s in March 2005, with deliveries scheduled up to 2010
[5] In November 2010, Spice Jet ordered another 30 Boeing 737-800s with winglets in the presence of US president Barack Obama
[35] On 9 December 2010, Bombardier Aerospace announced that SpiceJet placed a firm order for 15 Q400 NextGen turboprop airliners and has also placed an option to buy another 15 of those
SpiceJet used its fleet of Q400s for short-haul operations
[36] In March 2014, Spicejet signed a US$4
4 billion deal with Boeing for the procurement of 42 737-8 MAX aircraft
[37] In 2015, SpiceJet was in talks with both Boeing and Airbus for a possible order of more than 100 single aisle aircraft, either Airbus A320neo or the Boeing 737MAX with the same being confirmed by Managing Director, Ajay Singh in a conference in Dubai
Being a low-cost carrier, SpiceJet offers only economy class seating accommodating 186 passengers per aircraft
[40] To keep fares low, SpiceJet does not provide complimentary meals in any of its flights, though it does have a buy-on board in-flight meal programme
[40] SpiceJet does not operate any frequent-flyer programme and do not provide any in-flight entertainment options
[40] The airline offers premium services under the name Spice Add-ons, where the passengers can avail additional benefits like a pre-assigned seat, priority baggage handling and priority check-in at a higher fare


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